Rising Star Trader Program

Protect your securities against fluctuations in prices

3 W’s (Who, Why, What) of Rising Star Trader Program

Who should do this course – This course is for individuals wanting to take the first step in the world of stock market to get deeper insight and understanding with handholding in live market for 1 day. The course is designed keeping in mind (College students, Teenagers, Amateurs)

Why you should do this course – Individuals with economic budget want to make a humble beginning in stock market. This course will transform you into a trader. With experienced faculty and handholding, the mindset and psychology is moulded to deal with volatility and overcome emotional decision making process and to make it a discipline oriented decision making process.

What are the topics covered in the program – They are as follows –

Topics covered:

  • Insight of Stock Market (Exchanges & SEBI)
  • Birds view of Stock Market
  • Conceptual clarity to Derivatives and its working.
  • Dow Theory – Concept that indicated the crash beforehand…..
    • Support Resistance
    • Trendlines
    • Type of Trendlines – Short term, Medium Term & Long Term
  • Formation of Candlesticks and its logical understanding
  • Five most popular candlestick patterns
  • Indicators –
    • RSI
    • MACD & MACD Crossover
    • EMA (Exponential Moving Average)
    • PSAR (Parabolic Stop & Reversal)
  • Screeners-
    • How to create your own screener
    • Different screening websites
Attend the 1st lecture Free which can help you to learn and earn in stock market with consistent results.

Why Us?

The course goes on until we are confident about your knowledge and till you are not satisfied with your learning journey. Stock screening, practical sessions carried out on regular basis. All time guidance through social media groups.
Classes scheduled at your residence as per your convenience or at our branches. All software, study material and tools will be provided for smooth understanding purposes.
You will not only be a technical analyst, but also a system analyst by the end of the course. An additional vantage to all students related to advisory and recommendation a life time support to make you a professional trader.
Attend the 1st lecture Free which can help you to learn and earn in stock market with consistent results.
Are you ready to be financially independent?

Rising Star Trader Program

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