Technical Analysis

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Course Overview

  • Advance & Basic Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Heinkein Ashi & Candlestick Analysis
  • Dow Theory
  • Harmonic Pattern
  • Fibonacci Tools
  • Indicators & Stock Screening
  • In-depth Training & Money Management

Who Can Attend?

    • Professional Traders
    • Students
    • Investors
    • Retired
    • Research Analyst
    • Housewives

Introduction of Trend

  • Classification of Trends.
  • Identifying Who Drives The Market (FII, DII).
  • Understanding What is VIX index (Index Volatility).
  • Creation of Advance Decline Ratio Data sheet combining the above tools.

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis attempts to understand the market sentiment behind price trends. It helps you analyze Demand and Supply to get the timing rights to get in and out of the market.

  • The Power of Trend Lines to limit losses and increase profit.
  • How to identify trends, concepts and types of trends Chart types: Bar Charts, Line Charts.
  • How to use Trend & Trend Line for Profitable Entry & Exit in stocks.
  • Importance of Support and Resistance & How to use it perfectly.

Fundamental Analysis

  • Ratio Analysis.
  • Financial Modelling.
  • Financial Management.
  • Preparation of Balance Sheet.
  • Profit & Loss Statement.
  • Company & Sector Overview.

Heinkein Ashi

  • How to use Heikin Ashi technique is used to detect Choppiness / Range Bound Market?
  • The use of Heikin Ashi technique to identify trends correctly.

Candlestick Analysis

  • Psychology behind the formation of Candlestick.
  • Candlestick insight.
  • Most pro-founded 21 candles which can define the peak and trough reversal.
  • Every candle has some Tales to discuss which can Transform the Trading in interactive manner.
  • Practical: How to use candle for predicting stock movement and money making trades.

Dow Theory

  • How Dow Theory can be applied.
  • The 7 Principles of Dow Theory.
  • Practical Session on action replay charts.

Identification and Classification of Patterns

  • All Types of Continuation & Reversal Pattern – Triangles, Bump & Reversal, Cup & Handle etc.
  • Define Time Duration, Target,  Stoploss.
  • Reasoning / Theory of Gaps.

Fibonacci Tools

  • Concept of Retracement and Reversal.
  • The Power of Fibonacci in daily life applied to Stock Market Charts.
  • Exploring new ways of studying markets with Numeric’s Application of Fibonacci in the Patterns.

Harmonic Pattern

  • ABC Bullish/Bearish.
  • AB=CD Bullish/Bearish.
  • 3-Drives Bullish/Bearish.
  • Gartley Bullish/Bearish.
  • Butterfly Bullish/Bearish.
  • Bat Bullish/Bearish.
  • Crab Bullish/Bearish.
  • Shark Bullish/Bearish.
  • Cypher Bullish/Bearish

Leading and Lagging Indicator

  • Types of uses of Moving Average in Technical Analysis System.
  • Concept Construction and Interpretation of Bollinger Bands and PSAR.
  • 7 ways to trade MACD & Stochastic.

Stock Screening

  • Identification of Stocks: For Trading / Investment.
  • Application of Technical Analysis – Step-by-Step.
  • Final calls derived by students to be traded on.

System Analysis: In-depth Training

  • Customized System developed with Golden Rules to fetch out the best trade.
  • Injecting the concept of Professional Traders.
  • Initiating Practical calls to make student Learn and Earn Stock that works on Seasonal basis.
  • How to use Daily / Weekly / Monthly checklist.

Money Management

  • Psychology Trading Ratio of Investment.
  • Personal Experience Discussion.
  • Test on Decision making in Trade.
  • Doubt solving session.
  • One on One Training personalize after class.

Option & Future

  • Types of Option.
  • Payoff Option Pricing.
  • Option Pricing models.
  • Settlement of Options Contracts.
  • Points to Remember before entering Option Market.

Strategies for Option

  • Long / Short Straddle.
  • Bull /Bear spread strategy Covered call.
  • Long / Short butterfly .
  • Long / Short Condor spread.
  • Collar Synthetic short stock.

Why Us?

The course goes on until we are confident about your knowledge and till you are not satisfied with your learning journey. Stock screening, practical sessions carried out on regular basis. All time guidance through social media groups.

Classes scheduled at your residence as per your convenience or at our branches. All software, study material and tools will be provided for smooth understanding purposes.


You will not only be a technical analyst, but also a system analyst by the end of the course. An additional vantage to all students related to advisory and recommendation a life time support to make you a professional trader.

Attend the 1st lecture Free which can help you to learn and earn in stock market with consistent results.

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Technical Analysis Course

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