Little Chanakya

Course Overview

  • A monopoly game to make them understand about Income and Expenses
  • Introducing Global Piggy Bank system to take them to world of Banking Mechanisms
  • E-Wallet and Cryptocurrency a Future of Financial Market
  • A Money Plant Concept for Wealth Creation and Financial Management
  • A Financial Diet plan to build up healthy Psychology
  • Uncle Scroog’s Investment Plan( Plan of Warren Buffet - Father of Stock Market )
  • Money Plant
  • Setups

Who Can Attend?

  • Professional Traders
  • Students
  • Investors
  • Retired
  • Research Analyst
  • Housewives


LITTLE CHANAKYA shall train them about Wealth Creation and Financial Management for taking their Financial Journey ahead.
If Right to Vote is 18 years, then why not being Financially free before 18 years of age
A Weak Foundation leads to Flawed Perceptions, Faulty Financial Planning and Wrong Investments. So it’s a Good Time to Start Now..

What is Little Chanakya?